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Below are lots of resources for you to browse through and act upon. Disclaimer: we do not receive any commissions from any of the recommendations. We are also not responsible for any information and claims stated in therein. 

Recommended books:

Janet Williams: Nail your next Audition - the Ultimate 30-day guide for singers. Internationally famous opera singer and now author, coach and professor, Janet Williams guides you through finding the balance between the four essential TIME elements required for optimum performance: Technical precision, Inner awareness, Mental muscle, Expressive freedom

Bernhard Kerres und Bettina Mehne: Be your own agent. A Career Handbook for Classical Musicians HelloStage, 2017. The book contains the basics in understanding the business side of the industry for both young as well as experienced classical musicians. It contains chapters on marketing, how to use social media, fee negotiations and much more. Every chapter includes practical examples to make it both easily understandable and implementable.

Marita Knobel, Brigitte Steinert: Beruf Opernsänger. Ein Ratgeber Bärenreiter, 2002 (in German) andSinging Opera in Germany – a practical guide Bärenreiter, 2002 (in English)  Even though a few years old, it contains very valuable and practical information from a former singer of the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich. 

Brunssen, Karen: The evolving singing voice: changes across the lifespan, Plural Publishing, 2018. From baby to adolescent to mature singer - the vocal folds and larynx undergo changes. This book explains them in easy to understand language.  

Carol Kirkpatrick: Ariaready: The business of singing. 2nd Edition, Bancroft Publications, 2012. Herself an opera singer, Carol Kirkpatrick identifies the key building blocks of a successful career, and shows how to develop both the necessary personal and business skills that all judges find in “the winner.”

Angela Myles Beeching: Beyond Talent. Creating a Successful Career in Music Oxford University Press, 2010

Dawn Bennet: Life in the Real World: How to make music graduates employable Common Ground Publishing, 2012

Donald George and Lucy Mauro. Master Singers – Advice from the Stage Oxford University Press, 2015

Julia Cameron The Artist’s Way A spiritual path to higher creativity  Tarcher/Perigee, (25th edition) 2016

Richard N. Bolles What color is your parachute? 2019 Edition. The Speed Press. A practical manual for job hunters showing how to develop a winning strategy in tough economic landscapes.

Claude Webster: Atteindre sa Zone d’Excellence – Guide pour performer sous pression Les Editions de l’homme, Canada, 2016 (in French) Excellent guide to finding your "zone of excellence", how to find it and especially, how to make it work for you so you can perform your best. En English version is in the making.

Gerd Uecker: Traumberuf Opernsänger: Von der Ausbildung zum Engagement Henschel Verlag 2012 (in German)

Ina Ross: Wie Überlebe ich als Künstler? Eine Werkzeugkiste für alle, die sich selbst vermarkten wollen. Transcript Verlag, 2013 (in German)

Norina Nachtigall, Marcello Meistersänger: Vom Ton zum Lohn - ein praktischer Ratgeber Donatus Verlag, 2017 (in German) Extremely practical guide to the nuts and bolts (and finances!) of the German theater system. 

Rudolf Piernay: Klassischer Gesang als Beruf und Berufung Bärenreither Henschel Verlag, 2012 (in German)

Andreas Hiller, Christina Lemnitz, David Molnar: Opernsänger – Überlebenstraining – Was Sänger nicht fragen aber wissen sollten Verlag Neue Musik, 2016 (in German)

Audition and Job Portals: 

YAP Tracker become a member for USD 55/year and have access to an extensive resource, including auditions for opera roles, chorus, oratorio, information on competitions, master classes, tools to keep track of all these activities, etc.

Audition Oracle is a United Kingdom-based worldwide service. Singers register for free searchable profiles and enjoy a free-30-day Premium trial which includes access to opera, classical and choral auditions, solo and chorus roles, the AO bursary and more. Thereafter, plans start at £69/year. 

The Opera Stage a portal that combines job listings and also hosts auditions in Europe with agents and opera house representatives. Focused on Europe. 

TrueLinked a social network and online agency platform charges only 6% commission when an engagement/contract is finalized via their platform. Based in Denmark.

 Auditions Plus  (sub-site of Classical Singer) with an emphasis on audition listings

Musical Chairs Very comprehensive site, mainly aimed at instrumentalists, but also has a section for singers

Theapolis  (in German) Job portal for German theaters, some musical, some opera.

Gigmit German and English language based information portal for mostly non-classical music gigs. 


Operabase very good database on opera houses, competitions, artists. Also offers a microsite for artists for a fee - but the artist has to be already included in a performance listing by an opera house.

Musical America extensive database with information on foundations, scholarships, competitions, opera houses, festivals. Basically the „bible“ for information worldwide. USD150 for either the book or online access. Personally, I prefer the print version - you can mark it up to your heart's content.

Deutsches Bühnenhandbuch Database (in book form, in German) of all German, Austrian and Swiss opera houses and theatres, choirs, orchestras, festivals. The database provides short explanations and contacts and is updated every year. Costs €52,00 for about 1100 pages. Online access is also available, but it is fairly cumbersome to set up the payment. 

Websites for self-management

Hello Stage  Network for classical musicians with microsites for artists, free and paid plans. Based in Vienna. And a great podcast series!

Bulletproof musician Noa Kageyama is a performance psychologist, violinist and on the faculty of The Juilliard School. 

Online and offline Publications 

With the advent of so many online blogs and publications, it is sometimes difficult to know which to read and trust. Here is a round-up of sites that have good journalistic standards, i. e. research what they write about. 

Classical Singer Monthly publication in print and online focused on the United States.

Bachtrack was founded in January 2008 and is the largest site for live classical music. We list over 30,000 events each year in classical concerts, opera, and dance and publish around 200 reviews every month from our team of around 120 reviewers based all around the world. 

Slipped Disc online only, managed by author Norman Lebrecht. Very quick to get industry news. opera and dance reviews and news. Online only, in German

Opernglas print and online publication of opera reviews. In German

Opernwelt print only. One of the oldest and most respected opera news and reviews magazines. In German. 

Opera News from the United States based print and online news and reviews publication. 

Opera Now out of London, is a comprehensive glossy opera magazine, digital and print. 

International Arts Manager is a digital and online magazine, geared toward the performings arts professionals - agents, producers, and managers of events. Has lots of information on the opera world - who is doing what, etc. 

Opera print and online publication from the UK, founded in 1950 and going strong ever since. The most venerable of opera-related and performance reviews. 

Summer courses and Masterclasses:

Lotte Lehmann Sommerakademie, July 6-28, 2019 in Perleberg (close to Berlin), Germany. The three-week course, reasonably priced. Includes comprehensive single classes, audition preparation, and several gala concerts and Lied recitals. 

Lyric Opera Studio Weimar, offers masterclasses, diction and learning a complete role including an on-stage performance with piano. 






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